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WTL Trading

Control Costs, Increase Profit Margins & Sales

Profit Margins

Helping increase profit margins and sales for ...

  • Oil & gas companies
  • Petrochemical manufacturers
  • Plastics manufacturers (resin processors)
  • Trucking companies
  • Other buyers and sellers of volatile commodities from crude oil and natural gas to resins

Services Provided

  1. Consulting: Establish a margin management program using the most effective and low cost strategies to secure and increase margins for existing customers and capture target margins with new customers.
  2. Implementation: Help implement the margin management program while training assigned staff to effectively implement the program on their own.

Request a copy of WTL Trading's presentation at the Plastics News Executive Summit:


Increasing Profit Margins & Sales: Going on Offense (Feb 4, 2015)


For more information and to discuss opportunities to increase your margins and sales, contact Tom at or (714) 226-9256.