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WTL Trading

Control Costs, Increase Profit Margins & Sales


Helping secure and increase profit margins for ...

  • Oil & gas companies
  • Petrochemical manufacturers
  • Plastics processors
  • Transportation companies
  • Other buyers and sellers of volatile commodities from crude oil and natural gas to resins


Services Provided

  1. Consulting: Establish a profit margin management program with the right rules and best tools to secure and increase margins and sales for existing and new business.
  2. Implementation: Implement the profit margin management program while training financial, sales, and other key staff to effectively and efficiently implement the program on their own.


For details and to discuss your margin risk position and opportunities to improve your profits and competitive position, please contact Tom.  Email or phone (714) 226-9256.

By establishing and implementing a profit margin management program, you will control costs, increase profit margins, and beat the competition ... without affecting your day-to-day operations.